Celebrazione della Giornata Internazionale della Pace 2013 al Red Cross Nordic United World College

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Details of the twenty-four hour Peace Day Vigil at Red Cross Nordic United World College

The video group will make a film of Peace Day and post on Vimeo.



Friday, 20th September

1)    7 pm          World Today session – presentation of the Roma project

2)    8:30 pm   Film night: Film Club then Documentaries on Peace Work. ‘Can One Person Make a Difference?’

 Saturday, 21st September

1)    Midnight Assembly in the Auditorium – Music and Words of Peace

2)    Letter writing – ‘Who will I make peace with?’

3)    Candlelight procession to Silent House, to begin twenty-four hour Peace Vigil

4)    ‘Høegh-in’ (Pyjama party – John Lennon and Yoko Ono;) evening of quiet cosiness, deep relaxation exercises and sleep)


5)    11 am – 1 pm Special vegan brunch – ‘Food without Aggression’

6)    2 pm – Opening of the Høegh with Peace Fair (responsible: EACs) These groups are demonstrating how their activities promote peace and well-being. The local community is invited for the day.

(In The Hoegh : The Artivist Project The idea is that every student and staff of all the colleges would fill in the card with a message, calling for ‘Peace One Day’. The other side of the card is to be decorated with his or her artwork. At our college, we will be doing this in the Høegh, as one of our twenty-four hour Peace Day activities.

We request that all the cards be sent to us here, at RCN.  Then, we will relay them to Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General. This action would be a very powerful statement of peace from the UWC movement. We have extended an invitation to all the colleges to join us in their own ways in our Peace Day Activities:)

7)    2 pm – 4 pm – Peace games at the ball rink

8)    Meditation continues through a relay system( at least one person maintains the vigil in the Silent House)

9)    5:30 pm – 7 pm – Dinner

10) 8 pm – Peace Party with DROP café

11) 8 pm – 10 pm – International circle dances

12) 10 pm – 11:45 pm – Live feed from the Hague of the Peace One Day concert  and 13) 11:45 pm – midnight – The closing ceremony at the Silent House

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