28 November 2011-2021 Tenth anniversary of the Brussels Declaration “Pledge to Peace”

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28 November 2021

[…] the desire for peace and well-being
is inherent in human beings, and the
process of peace-building must be
rooted in this natural need of people.

(from the Brussels Declaration, Pledge to Peace)

28 November 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the Brussels Declaration “Pledge to Peace”, a project created with the aim of encouraging activities and initiatives aimed at promoting peace in its most universal sense, as a prerequisite for the well-being, centrality and dignity of every person.

The Pledge to Peace came to life in the European Parliament on 28 November 2011 in Brussels, on the occasion of a historic event, sponsored by the Italian Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the conference “Peace and Prosperity, Founding Values of the European Union”, where representatives of institutions, non-profit organisations, universities, educational institutions and public and private bodies from all over Europe gathered to sign the “Pledge to Peace”, a call to institutions and all public and private entities to act in support of peace.

The initiative, conceived by the non-profit organisation Percorsi, was supported by the President Emeritus of the European Parliament Emilio Colombo, the First Vice-President of the European Parliament Gianni Pittella, and Prem Rawat, an authoritative ambassador of peace.


The project aims to raise awareness, acquire, feel and spread a culture of peace, tolerance, acceptance, generosity and solidarity, in order to contribute to the construction of a civil consensus for a peaceful future.

In tune with the founding values of the European Union, the aim is therefore to foster the formation of conscious citizens who “contribute to peace and to the sustainable development of the Earth”.

Despite being so precious and essential, it seems that peace does not come about automatically, so there is a need for a commitment and preparatory work so that a people, a generation can then “live in peace”.

A central theme to help people to be protagonists in planning a better society.

In the course of these 10 years, 262 entities have signed the Pledge to Peace Declaration, including institutions, public and private institutes dealing with education and training, cultural and humanitarian organisations, associations, representative bodies and companies that pay attention to social responsibility.

The Pledge to Peace therefore represents a high-profile initiative with a strongly propulsive vocation, whose signatories take the ideals of peace as the guiding principle of their activities and as such become active participants in the construction of a society based on peace and the well-being of people.

List of signatories, names and locations on the world map: https://www.associazionepercorsi.org/pledge-to-peace-2/firmatari-del-pledge-to-peace-signatories-of-the-pledge-to-peace/




Archivio .pdf: 2021-11-28-press-release-tenth-Pledge-to-Peace

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