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Peace Partners is a UK registered charity whose mission is: a world where all human beings have access to sufficient clean water, nutritious food and personal peace.

At the beginning of the year in Central London as part of our activities to raise awareness on the subjects of personal peace and conflict resolution, we hosted a screening of the documentary Inside Peace to a capacity diverse audience.  Inside Peace tells the story of a group of Texan prison inmates who embarked on a journey of personal self discovery and chose to break the cycle of negativity while in prison.   The film follows their journey after release as they negotiate a world filled with conflict, rejection and hostility. The screening was followed by keynote speaker Jo Berry, founder of Building Bridges for Peace and a Q & A session focussing on peace and conflict resolution with panellists from charities working with school children, veterans, prisoners etc. in these areas. 

We are also funding the licence fee for 2 further screenings of Inside Peace on International Peace Day in Birmingham to which West Midlands police, council members and voluntary sector representatives have been invited.

We are supporting the production of various promotional and multi-media teaching materials for use in the structured curriculum courses of the Peace Education Programme. held in educational institutions, community groups, prisons and veteran groups throughout the UK and also across the world.

Throughout the year our volunteers have continued to strengthen existing and build new partnerships with other individuals and organisations who share our passion for peace. We actively promote peace and organisations interested in peace through social media posts and communications with our supporters. 

In October we are sponsoring a Peace Education Programme. presentation at an International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference in London being hosted by the UK Prison & Probation Service. 

In November we are holding a gala benefit at the Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey to support the work of TPRF and its flagship programmes,  Food for People and the Peace Education Programme. and to which all our supporters and anyone interested in peace are invited to raise funds for these worthy causes.”  Charity No. 1166456

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