Regno Unito – L’ impegno del Saddleworth Peace Group per la Giornata Internazionale della Pace 2021

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19-20 settembre 2021

Richard Outram, Secretary of the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum, ci comunica quanto segue:

Saddleworth stands up for peace

Saddleworth Peace Group, a signatory of the Pledge to Peace and a member of the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum, ran its stall at the annual Saddleworth Show (19-20 September 2021) as it has done for many years now with our rainbow-coloured peace flags proudly flying high.

We offered the ever -popular activity of badge-making which attracted many children and young people. While they were busy with their designs, SPG members handed out leaflets to their parents. This year, in addition to information about what SPG does and why, we were able to hand out information from Saddleworth Parish Council which spoke of its Peace Pledge commitment and the action it has been taking.

Saddleworth Parish Council has recently joined Oldham Borough Council and Shaw and Crompton Council in signing the Pledge to Peace; making the Oldham municipality the only one in the United Kingdom in which all local authorities have signed up to the Pledge.

Saddleworth Peace Group right felt this was an important step forward in spreading awareness of what is happening in our local area for the promotion of Peace.

During the event, the stall was visited by the local Member of Parliament, Debbie Abrahams; by the Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Jenny Harrison, and Mayor’s Consort, Councillor Shaid Mushtaq; by the Youth Mayor, Tia Henderson; and also by the Chair of Saddleworth Parish Council and Peace Champion, Councillor Barbara Beeley, and Councillors Sam Al-Hamdani and George Hulme.

Barbara and Sam committed themselves to being involved in International Peace Day activities next year, which we hope will include action at Saddleworth School.

All political support to work for peace in our borough and beyond is of course most welcome.

My thanks to Liz Green for much of the text and to the Saddleworth Peace Group and to Debbie Abrahams MP for the photos.

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