Libano, Associazione Information Center of Human Culture – 20 settembre 2014

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Peace Day 2014, an Invitation

As part of the world celebrations for the International Peace Day on 21 September”, the Association Information Center of Human Culture,  will be happy to be a part of that and would like to invite you to join our peace celebration with our special guests:

Tenor Gabriel Abdel Nour, Lebanese singer and composer, will be performing live, accompanied by distinguished musicians:

Haissam Izrafil, accordionist

Mezher al ayyass, saxophonist

Omar Dao, pianist

Mirvat Izrafil,  Flute

Rami Abo Wadi , violinist

Shadi  Badawi, Sound System Engineer

The place will be at

Baakline National Library

September, 20th, 2014 from 4pm to 6pm.

We will be waiting for you and together we will send  a wave of peace to the whole world!

With the compliments of:

Bahaa Zahnan, President of the Association Information Center of Human Culture, signer of the Declaration for Peace – Pledge to Peace of the European Parliament.

The event will be with the patronage of TPRF Foundation ( and Pledge to Peace (

Bahaa Zahnan writes:

“The party was successful! There was More than 100 people from every place from Lebanon. The famous Tenor Gabriel Abdelnour performed beautifully, everybody was extremely happy by his beautiful voice and songs of words of Gibran Khalil Gibran. We invited a priest and a sheik to be with us to show people how we all should live together in peace,  loving each other as human brothers. We lit the flame of peace which was  a  piece of wood from cedar tree while gabriel sang the beautiful words of Khalil Gibran saying:” You are my brother and both of us are the sons of one sacred, universal spirit. You are my brother and I love you. I love you while you are worshiping in your mosque, kneeling in your temple, praying in your church.You are my companion on life’s path and my helper in comprehending the essence of truth hiding behind clouds. You are a human being and I loved you my brother.”

There was held on the satge Prem’s and Jeremy Gilleys poster as peace makers. We distributed  Peacemakers DVDs for the audience. The tenor Gabriel and myself as president of association Information Center Of Human Culture agreed to start the preparation for Peace Day to next year since now. Will be an event for all Lebanon. “



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