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FETES de la PAIX association activities

Story :

Started in 2012 in a little village South West of France, Montégut Arros, to devellop a culture of peace in the region.

Inspired by

  • The International Day of Peace 21 of september each year decided by O.N.U.
  • The event « Peace and Wellbeing » in Europe (European Parlement 2011)

Claude Arheix President of the Fêtes de la Paix Association was alredy participating in the Paix and Solidarité Collectif who signed the Pledge to Peace in 2011.

Since then there has been a Festival of Peace every year in Montégut Arros (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015)

Since beginning of 2014 there is a little event every month in order to spread the peace culture with other associations.

In 2015 the Association has organised 3 Peace Education Programs with an average of 10 participants each time and some activities with childrens, Peace Workshops and Cooperative Games.

One movie « En Quête de Sens » was shown in another village with the Colibris Movement partnership.

One 3 days training was organised in Artigues around Art of Hosting methods of collective intelligence

Some of the events we have participated :

Internationaly :

In 2014 Claude Arheix was invited in Westminster for the Pledge to Peace event and the next day for the WAF Award.

In 2015 the Fêtes de la Paix association signed the Pledge to Peace and was invited in Mazara del Vallo

Localy in different cultural, social and ecological events like :

  • Marciac Jazz Festival
  • Rencontres de la Paix in Soues
  • New Year’s dinner for International Solidarity in Rabastens de Bigorre
  • Alternatiba in Bagnères de Bigorre
  • Transition Citoyenne in Auch
  • And to the 3 Peace and Solidarity Forums in Mènetou Salon France (2013, 2014, 2015)

In 2015 we organise a Volunteer Festival (27 of september) before the Fête de la Paix (3 and 4 october) in a private venue in Montégut Arros.

Each year the Association distribute the benefices of the Fête de la Paix to Humanitarians associations like the Prem Rawat Foundation, the Oiseau Bleu of Nzérékoré, Les Fourmies des Pyrénées, Amitié Afrique Arros, la Case de Santé (for example 500 euros for 3 of those organisations in 2014 and 2015)

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